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Our Vision

Calgary's leading centre for effective living, providing practical strategies to build personal, relational, and occupational success.

real. honest. effective.

Our Mission

To provide each client with  individualized assessment and effective strategies to navigate mental health challenges, achieve performance goals, and build healthy relationships & lifestyle. 

Our Promise

We are committed to an excellent, innovative, and timely service experience. We are accessible to our clients, live in alignment with our wellness practices, and have an extensive amount of training and specializations on our team that are accessible to every client we work with. 

Our Therapy


Our team begins with a comprehensive and collaborative assessment process that is individually tailored to your individual needs. We treat clients across the lifespan for common challenges including depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, disordered eating, adjustment issues, addiction, grief, and trauma, in order to help you or a loved one recover motivation, gain perspective, and health.


In this portfolio our team focuses on helping athletes, academics, and professionals reach their goals and deal with anxiety and other barriers that impede success. Performance anxiety, physical and nutritional issues, and undiagnosed learning differences are a few of the common barriers we are excited to help our clients overcome.



Our wellness team, which includes a registered dietitian, has expertise in health psychology, mind-body science, motivation, and relationship counseling. Here we work with individuals, parents, families, and couples. Guidance, accountability, and lifestyle strategies from a team of professionals that have the education and experience to truly guide you to your best self.   


Our Team

Carmen Dodsworth, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist, Founder & Clinical Director

Dr. Carmen Dodsworth founded The Practice Calgary in 2011 driven by a goal of making mental health and wellness comfortable, accessible, and a regular part of everyday life. Carmen completed her Ph.D. studies in Psychology, with a focus on behavioural neurology, mind-body science, health psychology, and relationships. She is is straight-forward, transparent, and approachable.

Christy Leeferink, BA, Clinic Manager

Christy's contribution to The Practice Calgary is dynamic.  She sets the standard for excellence in client care through administrative leadership within our team. She is available to answer your inquiries and works tirelessly to ensure that you have the right clinician based upon expertise and approach. 

Joanne Stephen, Ph.D.,  Registered Psychologist

Dr. Joanne Stephen is a Registered Psychologist with over 20 years experience in Health and Clinical / Counseling Psychology. She has expertise in clinical assessment and intervention, with individuals, couples and families. Joanne has additional experience in executive coaching and group facilitation, and has worked at program development, evaluation, and implementation. 

​Liann Meloff, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Dr. Liann Meloff is a registered psychologist with over 18 years of experience and holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology. Dr. Meloff maintains a broad base of clients including adults and couples, and she specializes in psycho-educational assessments and in the treatment of children, adolescents and families, with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy and structural family therapy, and incorporates play therapy into her work with children.

Derek Robinson, M.Ed. (Specialization in Counselling Psychology), Registered Psychologist

Derek Robinson has been a Registered Psychologist since 2005 and has worked in the field of human performance and had the privilege to work alongside some of the best leaders, coaches, teams, athletes, medical and support staff in the world. Derek has attended the last 4 Olympic Winter Games as part of the Canadian Olympic Team and worked with a variety of sports.

​Pat Ferris, MSW, RSW, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Pat is a registered Clinical Social Worker who has worked in a wide range of clinical settings such as hospitals, community mental health, Employee Assistance Programs and private practice for over 35 years. She also has a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology where she studied quality of life issues related to work such as stress, bullying and work life balance. She has specialized training in treating trauma and is considered an international expert in the treatment of targets and perpetrators of workplace bullying.

Naomi Varricchio, RCSW Clinical Social Work

Naomi Varricchio has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Calgary and is registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers. She has been practicing psychotherapy for almost 20 years in the Calgary area. Naomi has training in a number of therapy modalities and has experience supporting other therapists in their clinical practices. She works with individuals, couples, and families.​

Rory Hornstein, Registered Dietitian

Rory is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist & Educator, AFLCA certified Fitness, YogaFit and Pilates (MAT I/MAT II) instructor, and a a certified Bariatric dietitian with a specialization in the dietary management of IBS using a low FODMAP diet.  Her goal is to educate by integrating knowledge and skills in the fields of nutrition, fitness, health promotion and disease prevention.

Taylor Carr, Administrative Lead 

Taylor helps run The Practice Calgary in any way he can. He is here to help make the booking process as smooth as possible and happy to be the friendly face on the front desk. His interests include golf, wake surfing, and essentially anything outdoors!

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We are a collaborative team and a wellness home. Although most clients work primarily with one  clinician, they also benefit from access to any of our team members through team consultation, single sessions as an adjunct to primary therapy, or joint sessions involving multiple clinicians at no additional cost.

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